Nu Yu Medispa is by far the most versatile Aesthetic Center Our services menu ranges from the most basic cosmetic and aesthetic treatments to the most advanced medical procedures. We strive to be a one-stop health and beauty establishment for both Men and Women.

It is one of the most efficient tools in Medical-Aesthetics. At Nu Yu Medispa, we know that it is the understanding of Laser Physics and Laser-Tissue interaction that makes our treatments tailor-made for each person.

Skin Tightening

Overstretched skin can be due to excessive weight gain, or pregnancy, or simply a poor quality in skin elasticity. The sagging skin may give you the impression that you have excess fat in an area. Simply by tightening the skin and giving it its original contours, you will find your original beautiful curves again

Hair Reduction

A gentle and effective FDA-approved treatment for permanent hair reduction from virtually any area of the body. Because hair grows in cycles, laser hair removal typically requires 4-8 sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart to achieve the best results. Also, multiple devices are available to select the best technology for every skin and hair type, as well as patient comfort.

Laser Surgery

Many blemishes can now be removed through laser with much less damage and with no bleeding as compared to standard procedures. The advantage of laser surgery is that it is much gentler than conventional surgery, and recovery time is significantly shorter.

Hair Bleaching

Some hair on the body and face are very resistant to any sort of Laser, therefore we use Q-Switched technology to eradicate the color from the hair without having to shave or remove it in any way. The hair will be transparent for 6-10 weeks.

Tattoo Removal

Like everything else in life, sometimes we choose to let go of some memories or items associated with them, but how do you remove a memory imprinted on your skin? The answer is simple: Erase it. The right kind of laser, in the hands of the right professional, will zap that tattoo as if it never had been. New technologies allow us to remove tattoos more successfully and much safer than before with little to no trace at all.

Pigmentation Treatment

Sunspots, age spots, melasma, brown scars, and post-inflammatory or post-traumatic hyperpigmentation can all be treated effectively and safely. Lasers target the source of the color in the skin and destroy it, leaving your skin with an even tone in no time.

Vascular Treatment

Some veins may show through our skin in different areas of the body and face. Laser treatment and Sclerotherapy are very effective methods of making them disappear. Both techniques are very safe as they are performed by physicians specialized in vascular therapy.