Nu Yu MediSpa is by far the most versatile Aesthetic Center. Our services menu ranges from the most basic cosmetic and aesthetic treatments to the most advanced medical procedures. We strive to be a one-stop health and beauty establishment for both Men and Women.

Treating body shape has to address the different layers; for instance, a belly can the result of loose muscle, excess fat, or saggy skin. Knowing what to treat and how, makes all the difference in the result, and how to maintain results for longer.

Fitness & Nutrition

US-registered dieticians and fitness experts, equipped with the most advanced body composition analysis tools will provide the most tailor-made nutrition and fitness programs to get you healthier and more fit.

Fat Reduction

Fat is an essential type of cell in our body responsible for accumulating energy reserve. For different reasons, they sometimes grow beyond their natural size and can resist all efforts of diet and exercise. Our treatments target those resistant layers specifically to eliminate them and reshape your figure.

Cellulite Treatment

Fat cells under the skin may grow too large for the space they occupy; this appears as orange-peel on the surface of the skin. Our technologies at Nu Yu MediSpa target those cells and accelerate the elimination of their fatty content thus reducing their size and refitting them into their natural area, leaving your skin smooth and even.

Body Remodelling

State-of-the-art technologies to reshape your body curves, tighten and smooth the skin. No matter what size dress you wear, you can always look more fabulous and more ravishing with your well-defined curves. Own the runway.

Skin Tightening

Overstretched skin can be due to excessive weight gain, or pregnancy, or simply a poor quality in skin elasticity. The sagging skin may give you the impression that you have excess fat in an area. Simply by tightening the skin and giving it its original contours, you will find your original beautiful curves again

Lymphatic Drainage

A gentle manual massage accelerates the blood and lymph circulation to further promote the elimination of toxins and wastes. This massage will reduce heavy leg syndrome, accelerate the results of your slimming treatment or simply improve the circulation in your lower body.

Body Wrapping

It’s an express personalized slimming program that helps reduce circumference by eliminating fat and water and firming the skin. The treatment is very convenient if your skin is too sensitive to undergo more mechanical manipulation by devices. Combined with Lymphatic Drainage, the results are astounding.

Body Scrub

A professional massage technique with an exfoliating product to combine the elimination of dead skin to the stimulation of the regenerative process. These treatments make your skin refreshed, lighter, softer, and younger. Your body needs to breathe just as much as your face does.