Practical Tips of Laser Applications

In our efforts to always being the latest in the Medical Cosmetic field, Nü Yü Medispa has successfully held, at its premises,a scientific workshop entitled “Practical Tips on Laser Applications in Dermatology”.

We are very proud that the workshop was presented by Dr. Ashraf Badawi, MD, PhD (more about Dr. Badawi in this profile by European Society for Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dermatology “ESCAD” ).

The attending Dermatologists were offered a tour of  Nü Yü Medispa, where they found how they can offer their patients any necessary treatment from our unmatched menu of Technologies.
The workshop went over some of the basics of each different Laser technology, to go all the way towards the variation in every single detail in laser parameters and how it interacts with the different tissues it targets. Dr. Badawi also provided a very valuable insight on the latest findings from his own publications as well as from internationally renowned references in the Cosmetic Laser Community. All attendees had the opportunity to discuss their findings and compare them with Dr. Badawi’s research and extensive experience as well as with our very own Dr. Nada Soueidan’s personal experience and updates in Energy-based technology and its applications.
Stay tuned for more educational and scientific activities by  Nü Yü Medispa.
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